Writing for the Web: The Six Step LUCID Writing Approach that Gets Your Message Across

There are more than 5 billion pages on the World Wide Web. Every day we send more than 300 billion emails, and 3 billion individuals access social media. Every web page, every email and every post is a message that we want to communicate to others.

How do you design these messages, so you successfully get your point across?

LUCID Writing is a six-step, user-centric approach that will strengthen your ability to communicate on the web. It’s based on principles of cognitive psychology and instructional design developed over the past 30 years. Following these steps and applying the principles will enable you to craft communications that fit the needs and expectations of your audience.

Of course, not all communications have the same importance. You might spend ten minutes composing an email and a month designing a web page. The process is similar, but you can choose the apprioritate amount of design depth. In this webinar, you will learn the six steps for organizing content design and creation. The steps guide you in understanding your audience’s goals and mental models, information architecture, the cognitive requirements for meaningful communication, establishing engagement, setting tone and validating the results through usability testing.

This webinar will be of interest to anyone who creates content for the web and for UX professionals who want to guide and influence content prepared by others in their organizations.


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