Gobierno de UX para Grandes Corporaciones en ESPAÑOL UX Governance for Big Organization

Cuando trabajas en una corporación grande y descentralizada, que se encuentra dividida en departamentos o silos con equipos internos de Experiencia de Usuario, lograr un objetivo común no es tarea fácil. Este webinar abordará el cómo crear, desarrollar y mantener un Gobierno de Experiencia de Usuario (UX) en grandes corporaciones, tanto públicas como privadas. Esta charla se centrará en los principales aspectos que forman parte de las Políticas de un Gobierno de Experiencia de Usuario de  grandes corporaciones, tales como:

  • KPIs (Indicadores) por Departmento/Área versus KPIs (Indicadores) de la Organización
  • Desarrollo y Creación de Estándares de Experiencia de Usuario
  • Cómo lograr estándares de Experiencia de Usuario dentro de las organizaciones
  • Trazabilidad y Medición de la Experiencia de Usuario por Departamento/Área

Este webinar será presentado sobre la base de casos de studio y será dictado en español.


When you work in a big decentralized organization that is divided into departments or areas that have their own UX teams, achieving a common goal for the whole organization it is a very hard task. This webinar will cover how to create, develop and maintain a UX Government in big decentralized organizations, whether they are public or private ones. This webinar will cover the main topics that are part of UX Governance Policies when working for big organizations:

  • Department/Area KPIs vs Organizational KPIs
  • Development of UX Governance standards
  • Advocacy of UX Governance standards within the organization
  • UX Department/Area Traceability

The webinar will be presented on the basis of case studies and will be conducted in Spanish.

Presenter:  Claudia Gutiérrez, Digital Director and Professor, Universidad Católica de Chile

Claudia is a UX Professional with +19 years of experience in the digital field. She has experienced UX Management for large scale projects such as telecoms, airlines, government, among others. Currently she leads the Digital Strategy for the most important university in Chile, where she manages UX for +800 sites, apps and social media accounts. She is currently interested in applying UX in Big Data projects through web ontologies and microservices technologies. She also teaches UX courses in Undergraduate and Graduate programs of the Communications and Engineering schools of Universidad Católica de Chile.
She is an active member of UXPA. Former Regional Director for Latin America and currently Director of Publications, she also manages the translation team for UX Magazine.

This webinar was co-sponsored by University of Monterrey, the UXPA Mexico chapter and the UXPA Chile chapter.

Posted on February 27, 2017

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