Designing the UX for AI: Not Your Typical UX Design

AI is part of our strategy at large, but the user experience for AI is largely undefined and needs to be addressed. The size of the AI market is huge, and if we leave this to chance, we take a big risk. At our company, we created a guide for designers that can be used as a north star when designing the UX of AI.

Attendees, especially those who are working on AI products, should attend this session to learn about how the user experience of AI is different than non-AI products and what they can do as designers and researchers to ensure the experience of their AI products is higher caliber.

In this introductory session, attendees will learn about these key topics:

  • What is user experience for AI?
  • Why designing the UX for AI is different?
  • Who are the “Users” in an AI system?
  • Responsibilities of the AI UX designer

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